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Leveraging Global Culture in Our Journey Toward Global Leadership Development

Reflections, SOL Journal, 2004
Nora Hughes and MJ Jamal

Changing Faces: Adaptation of Highly Skilled Chinese Workers to a High Tech MNC

Journal of Applied Behavioral Science,
Jun 2009; vol. 45: pp. 212 - 238.
Nora L. Hughes, PhD 

Changing Faces: Highly Skilled Chinese Workers and the Cultural Adaptation Required to Work at a Foreign Multi-national Corporation

PhD Dissertation, Fielding Graduate University, 
United States – California, 
Dissertations & Theses @ Fielding Graduate University. 
(Publication No. AAT 3279468)
Nora L. Hughes, PhD 

Top Down, Bottom Up, or in the Middle: Does it Matter Where We Start?

Conference Proceedings,
O D Institute, 1999

Nora L. Hughes, PhD 

Planned Change in the Midst of Chaos: Communism to Democracy, When Worlds Collide

Conference Proceedings, 
O D Network, Nov. 1998
Nora L. Hughes, PhD 

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