Cultural Integration

At Hughes Alliance we look at Cultural Integration as necessary for success. We would define culture as: A system of beliefs about how things work which work together in balance like an ecosystem. A culture then is the unique way we see the world. Because the parts are in balance like an ecosystem, when you try to change one part, it will have unintended consequences to other parts.

Every organization has several levels of culture:

1.The Cultures of Function – Manufacturing sees the work differently than Sales and Marketing. Finance sees things differently than Human Resources. Each function believes it has the truth about what is required to be a successful organization. 

2.The Cultures of Ethnicity – Leadership is often defined differently in the East and West. What makes a manager successful in China is different than in the United States. How you get and use authority is perceived differently in China than in California.

3.The Cultures of Generations – Motivation is different for new college graduates and 50 year olds. Response to change is different for those who lived through the Cultural Revolution and those born after – and it's different again for those who have only lived in China after Deng’s modernizations. Meaningful work is described differently by people who are 30 than those who are 45.

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