From Kyle D. Tromanhauser, President of The Albanian Development Council

Ms. Hughes also took part in a very extensive project over the course of one year in the Albanian Court of Cassation (Supreme Court) in which she was responsible for the restructuring of the administration of the court.  She worked closely on a day to day basis with the Chief Justice providing a detailed plan for work flow, filing system, job descriptions, computer systems, security procedures, and administrative policy to name just a few.  Ms Hughes natural ability to develop positive relations with people regardless of their position, her in-depth knowledge of administration, and her ability to assess the problems and restructure an entire system within the administration of the court made this project an incredible success.

The Albanian Development Council was also involved in several other on-going projects providing consulting to various branches of the Albanian government. Ms Hughes took part in several. One key project was requested from the Prime Minister’s office to provide on-going consulting to the Head of the Public Administration Office who was responsible for creating a new system for the government which had never existed before under communism.

It is with great respect and admiration that I would highly recommend Nora Hughes. She is a gifted teacher, has a wide range of knowledge in many areas, works well with people regardless of position, and she is sensitive to cross-cultural communication.


Kyle D. Tromanhauser, President of The Albanian Development Council

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