Strategy for Sustainable Organizations

Sustainable organizations are those that create the future while celebrating past success. They are innovators, constantly changing to lead their market. They have a few core value principles of how they operate, but everything else can be quickly changed. Their strategy is not a poster on the wall, or a dry, dusty volume in a bottom drawer. It is lived – daily.

Sustainable organizations know they are a dynamic and interrelated system as illustrated in this model. In order to grow, these systems must be aligned and in balance. Hughes Alliance helps your organization to look at the external environment and it’s impact, developing a strategy to succeed in the midst of your complex environment.

Internally we help you analyze your organization in terms of People Systems, Work Processes & Systems and Customer Service, which we believe are facilitated by the abilities of your Leadership and the clarity of your Strategy.

People are not expendable in sustainable organizations; they are the ones who create the future. Work processes and systems support people in doing the work of the organization so that the customer is satisfied. People are leaders, not because they have a position or title, but because they have a clear strategy, a passion to succeed and the ability to engage others to enact the strategy.

Sustainable organizations know they have to change – often. They have to innovate and respond to the environment while keeping to their core principles. To navigate change, three principles are paramount:

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