Andrew Jackman

Andrew Jackman Internaional Business ConsultantAndrew brings strong cross-cultural leadership in the midst of organizational change to Hughes Alliance. His background as an experienced healthcare executive has allowed him to provide exemplary service to his consulting clients as he is called in to troubleshoot and resolve issues for hospitals and health care facilities in the UK, Thailand and China. As hospitals changed their business model from charity to for-profit, Andrew provided facilitation for teams and leaders in the midst of change. In mergers, he pulled the teams together to examine their objectives, and their resources, and led the business process analysis to make the mergers successful.

Andrew is skilled at working alongside management teams to put into place financial models and controls to create sustainability. With his background experience in the non-profit sector of the UK National Health Service, Andrew has honed his coaching and leadership skills to get people with different skillsets working together to create productive workplaces.

For a global NGO client, Andrew successfully facilitated a major business process re-engineering and automation for new financial systems that revamped how the money flowed through the system releasing over $2 million for the organization’s use. A special perk for employees was a personalized estimating system for their budgeting processes.

Andrew partnered with Dr. Hughes in the Missional Business work for a global NGO. He provided organizational guidance and helped bring new workers into Missional Business from the NGO’s European and American organizations. His background in finance was extremely beneficial to help structure the organization of financial processes for good business accountability. Most recently he has provided his expertise speaking on B4B at conferences in the UK.

  • Los Angeles
  • Singapore
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