Barry Brown

Barry Brown International Business Consultant - Hughes AllianceBarry Brown is an experienced top executive who knows how to organize a company so that it is able to succeed in difficult markets. He has a proven track record of taking companies that have little strategy, are overstocked, and don’t know how to market their products to a level that allows them to be a prize acquisition candidate. He is able to take a company, develop its marketing strategy and delivery channel, and increase its efficiency to capture a market. CEOs find Barry an able coach and mentor who understands the rigors of a rapidly changing market without clear signposts.

His strategic thinking skills helped him develop an e-business strategy for the largest U.S. agricultural distributor, providing the highest potential income opportunity for the company. Evaluating a post patent plan, Barry developed the organizational structure that accelerated a company’s ability to take advantage of their technology.

Recently, he has taken a leadership role in a non-profit organization that was in the midst of changing senior leadership. He has focused on the search for a new senior leader as well as improving the efficiencies of the organization. Additionall,y he is working with a cross-cultural team that is searching for a business startup strategy.

As President and CEO for the U.S. arm of Pannar Seed, Inc. he was responsible for 50 employees and 13 million in sales. He improved the efficiency of the organization by reorganizing the sales territories and carefully managing inventory. As Pannar was sold to Pioneer, Barry managed the process in the U.S. and facilitated a smooth transition both for customers and employees.

Managing inventory in a rapidly changing environment is just one of his strengths. He knows the discipline and understands the market in order to create success for his clients.

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