Susan Kaur

Susan Kaur International Business ConsultantSusan integrates her rich international experience into her leadership coaching and training providing her clients exemplary opportunity for growth. Her leadership training and coaching are founded upon her wide experience as well as solid psychometric tools and measurements. Her experience as a manager provides hands on experience to her consulting clients. She comes to Hughes Alliance from a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary background having studied or worked in Singapore, England, Italy, the US, Hong Kong and China. Susan has founded her own consultancy practice, Kairos Global Consulting, Ltd., which works with Hughes Alliance.

Her consulting practice includes training and coaching senior managers and heads of departments from government administrative services to Fortune 500 companies in the auto-industry such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Buick and Honda. In addition, she facilitates, consults and trains leaders of SMEs, NGOs and social enterprises, and provides coaching to professionals and managers in Asia.

As a senior manager for more than ten years, Susan engaged in leadership, management, training, mentoring and coaching. As Director for Training, she oversaw the training of international professionals across different disciplines, as they acquired proficiency in Mandarin in preparation for placements in China. In 2001, she became the Executive Director for Professional Services of a Hong Kong NGO, working in a leadership team that oversaw the training and development of leaders. In addition to providing direction to the teams in various parts of China, she was responsible for government and donor relations.

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