Why Hughes Alliance?

As companies navigate today's fast paced business environment they need partners -- they need an Alliance with people they can count on.  Hughes Alliance provides partners our clients can call on when they require new solutions.  An Alliance allows us to bring together just the right people and processes to tackle and solve your organization's problems.

We can look at micro issues such as coaching and developing leaders and teams.  We can look at macro issues such as business process improvement or improving the quality of your product or service.  We can examine your customer base and their satisfaction to improve your bottom line.

Without a profitable business, you would not exist, however today it is not enough for an organization to only focus on the bottom line or shareholder value.  To be sustainable you must:

1.  Understand the people who work with you and how to lead them

2.  Know the community in which you work and how to be a good corporate citizen

3.  Have a sustainable business model

The individuals and companies of Hughes Alliance are well equipped to help you look at the complexity in your business environment and implement solutions to create a business you will be proud to lead into the future.

When Nora Hughes began to explore setting up a new subsidiary for the twenty-year-old Hughes Consulting Group, she looked at those people in her network of business friends who did exemplary work. She invited them to be part of Hughes Alliance.  She wanted people and companies that provided skills that would bring clear value to her current and future clients.  Each one has worked across multiple cultures and have a deep understanding of both Eastern and Western thinking.  They have backgrounds as diverse as leading and changing large government agencies as well as operating at the executive level of large multi-nationals. Many have been trouble shooters sent in to solve problems others thought were intractable.

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